Raw Foods Increase Health and Vitality

Why Raw Foods Increase Health and Vitality

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Raw food keeps you healthy & active

Most healthy diets involve the ingestion of foods in their raw form. Normally these are fruits and vegetables. There is a good reason why many of the diets that work involve meals full of raw foods. It is for the same reason that people who lead healthy lifestyles eat loads of raw foods every day.

Human beings first started out only eating raw foods. Cooking was done primarily to meat and meat often times was harder to find that fruits and vegetable or edible plants. They enjoyed healthy lives and were not plagued with many of the problems we have today. The body is made to process raw foods, not cooked and processed foods. As a result, it actually may view the cooked foods as an invading force. In other words, it either gets rid of it fast or it binds and stores it away from vital spots in order to prevent damage. This translates to a severe loss of nutritional value and a host of other issues like weight increase, and lower energy levels as well as premature aging to name a few.

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Raw foods take longer to digest, as a result the body has time to go through what it needs and what it does not. It does not see this type of food as an invader so it is less likely to store within the body. This gives a two-fold benefit. The first is that it is easier to maintain a solid level of energy throughout the day. The second is that the body is provided with exactly what it needs.

Raw foods require more energy to digest, because they are complex and unprocessed. This requires the body to work harder; it helps to keep toxins from forming due to lack of work within the gastrointestinal system. Raw foods also provide a good source of fibre, which prevents toxemia from occurring by maintaining good bowel health.

Raw foods help to eliminate toxins from our body

Toxemia is behind a number of conditions, skin problems, headaches, lack of energy. It is caused by build-up within the intestines, these substances, which are not, eliminated properly end up being leeched into the body, into the blood and all through the body. Raw foods, something our body is made to process, helps to keep these toxic substances from building up.

They also help to eliminate the build-up of toxins caused by stress. These days everyone is running around at a fast pace, everything must be done yesterday and the stress is tremendous. This causes the body to function poorly. Proper diet is one way to provide everything we need to maintain balance, mental clarity and our energy levels preventing us from being overwhelmed by the constant bombardment of outside and inside stressors. Maintaining a healthy body that is working at is best is the best way to lead a happy life.

People, who eat raw foods, are healthier, happier, have more energy

Vitality and health are taken from the foods we eat. Their nutrients, in essence their life flows into us and we in turn are granted life. Therefore, if we are killing our food by cooking does that not in turn mean we are killing ourselves? If you take, a look at the nutritional values of cooked foods and then looks at those same foods in the raw form. You will notice some extremely different values. This is because the process of cooking food actually kills it. As a result, we end up bringing into our bodies none of the nutrition that we need.

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People, who eat raw foods, are healthier, happier, have more energy. They also suffer less from common illness such as colds, flu’s and breathing ailments. They also tend to have stronger immune systems and are stronger overall battling off infections and what illnesses do come their way quickly and without the body draining effects. This is because they are eating healthy raw foods packed with everything the body needs to run at its best.

Raw foods maintain healthy skin

People who eat raw foods also enjoy the benefits of looking young. The reason being is because part of what makes most people look old and feel old is the foods they eat and the toxins that are formed and stored within the body. By eating raw foods and gaining those nutrients our bodies are lacking it is easy to maintain healthy skin and hair, keep wrinkles away, and even keep the skin firm and supple well into older age.

By eating raw foods, you are bringing life into the body and in doing so increasing and maintaining your own life. Raw foods also help the body burn fat, which can help to maintain weight even in a lifestyle that is primarily lacking in exercise. Cooked foods take little energy to process because they are simple shoved through the system. Very little real value is absorbed. Raw foods however a packed with nutrients the body wants. It will work harder to obtain those valuable items and work harder to process them. This means more calorie burning activities. It also means that you can eat less by staying full longer.

Raw foods because they take a longer amount of time to process, and give you more value for the amount you are eating, enables the body to feel full longer and need less food in order to obtain the same values. This is also, what helps to impart health and vitality to the body from the raw foods that we eat.

Ingesting raw foods

There are a number of ways to ingest raw foods. You do not always have to eat a salad or munch on some vegetable sticks. You can actually receive the same benefits of raw foods by juicing. Juicing creates enjoyable beverages from fruits and vegetables, which impart the benefits of raw foods in a quick and easy form. They are great for meal supplements when you are on the go or a quick pick up and do far more for you than coffee. They help to give the body the same health and vitality that can be received from other forms of raw foods.

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